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Some love ’em – Some hate ’em

Squirrel Squirrels belong to my backyard like the birds, flowers and plants and all the garden decor and accents that I have.
I know, a lot of people look at squirrels being more a nuisance than fun. Not for me.
I’m an outdoors person and I love watching any kind of wildlife and if my time would allow, so I could easily be sitting on our patio for several hours watching the birds feeding from my bird feeders or the squirrels jumping from branch to branch in my trees.

A while go I had a female squirrel raising her young ones in one of my bigger birdhouse that I have about 15ft up in the tree. There were 3 baby squirrels and it is so much fun watching Momma squirrel teaching them how to climb and balance on branches or even along our private fence. (more…)


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