Wildlife is something that we should enjoy, adore and protect. Each insect, mammal or reptile, each fish or bird has it’s very own place and special meaning in our world. Some wildlife might seem to be a nuisance to us, like  certain insects  and others might scare us maybe, like e.g. snakes. But each creature has it’s own beauty and meaning in this world.
Wildlife photography is something that always has fascinated me although I never got into it myself deeper than a few shots with my digital camera from any wildlife that is visiting me in my backyard and I could grab the camera quick enough to take a picture of or pictures that I took in a zoo. Not too thrilling, I know. The more I enjoy watching wildlife TV shows or  looking at wildlife images taken by others, by people they really know how to take really good pictures. Continue Reading »


Perfect Home Accents For Any Room

Candle Set

The times of candles only purpose to serve as a light source have been gone for a long time, but the candles itself are as popular as ever. If you would like to add a special touch of refinement to your home, you can take a use of the wide variety of candles with their rich colors and fresh, sweet-smelling aroma scents – without spending a whole lot of money!

Scented and aromatherapy candles have become a favorite for interior decoration and are an excellent choice to be used for pretty much every room in your home. Those kind of candles are great stress-relievers and help in physical and mental relaxation. Continue Reading »

Some love ’em – Some hate ’em

Squirrel Squirrels belong to my backyard like the birds, flowers and plants and all the garden decor and accents that I have.
I know, a lot of people look at squirrels being more a nuisance than fun. Not for me.
I’m an outdoors person and I love watching any kind of wildlife and if my time would allow, so I could easily be sitting on our patio for several hours watching the birds feeding from my bird feeders or the squirrels jumping from branch to branch in my trees.

A while go I had a female squirrel raising her young ones in one of my bigger birdhouse that I have about 15ft up in the tree. There were 3 baby squirrels and it is so much fun watching Momma squirrel teaching them how to climb and balance on branches or even along our private fence. Continue Reading »