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Instead of writing about cookies, gifts and all the Christmas tree decorating like pretty much everybody else did on their blogs for the past 2 -3 weeks, I rather would like to share this beautiful video with you.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.



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Another day and time for a new wildlife picture.

Birdwatching is something I really enjoy very much, no matter if it’s here in my own backyard or somewhere out in the countryside.
To me it is amazing how the birds are busy flying around all day long, trying to find food enough to feed their little ones.  They are going back and forth many many times a day, without having hardly any resting times. (more…)

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Hello everyone and welcome back.
Time for me to post the wildlife picture of the day.

This image really fascinates me by the way it was taken. It is pretty much impossible to watch a flying bird catching a dragon fly with your eyes from such a big distance. But the photographer managed it to capture this action with his camera. Great job!

Wildlife Picture #3

Bird catching dragon fly

... please suggest a funny caption

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I promised one picture a day out of a collection of 29 wildlife pictures.
So here is the picture #2 and please feel free to leave a comment and please suggest a funny caption also for this image. (more…)

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Wildlife is something that we should enjoy, adore and protect. Each insect, mammal or reptile, each fish or bird has it’s very own place and special meaning in our world. Some wildlife might seem to be a nuisance to us, like  certain insects  and others might scare us maybe, like e.g. snakes. But each creature has it’s own beauty and meaning in this world.
Wildlife photography is something that always has fascinated me although I never got into it myself deeper than a few shots with my digital camera from any wildlife that is visiting me in my backyard and I could grab the camera quick enough to take a picture of or pictures that I took in a zoo. Not too thrilling, I know. The more I enjoy watching wildlife TV shows or  looking at wildlife images taken by others, by people they really know how to take really good pictures. (more…)

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